Website Content

For chiropractic websites, content is King!  The content on your website is critical to attracting new patients.  The content on your site represents your ability to deliver the chiropractic care your potential patients need.  With a Klout Pro website, there is no compromise.

We creates content on a monthly basis to maintain your connection with your current and potential patients.  We strengthen doctor patient relations by distributing a chiropractic newsletter to your website subscribers on topics of their choice. This chiropractic newsletter system also allows you to create your own newsletter articles with an easy to use online editor to add to your managed newsletter.  

Kluot Pro will start your custom content with default chiropractic and wellness information including office hours, doctor biography, and specific chiropractic and wellness services. Then, you or your office staff can add your own text, pictures, and other media through an easy to use content management system.


Chiropractic Newsletter

This chiropractic newsletter system also allows DC’s to create their own newsletter articles – incorporating files and images – with an easy to use online editor.

These “community newsletter” issues are professionally written specifically for subscribers interested in wellness and chiropractic care. They are prepared two months in advance, so doctors have the option to preview newsletters and ensure the content fits with their philosophy. Subscribers can choose from Newsletter topics, which rotate on topics including: Backaches & Sciatica, Headaches & Neck Pain, Wellness Topics, Diet & Nutrition, Exercise & Fitness, Women’s Health Issues, Children’s Health Issues, and Stress Management. If editorial philosophies clash, a chiropractor may elect to skip the community newsletter in question.

A chiropractor has full control to write newsletters full of engaging, rich content including use of images, file download links, flash, and video! Unlike community newsletters, custom newsletter can be drafted, previewed, and scheduled for future delivery.

  • Seamless integration into your ChiroMatrix website
  • Continuously brings more traffic to your website
  • Automatically updates monthly into your website
  • Patients sign up directly from your website
  • Branded with your complete practice information
  • Access an archive of previously sent newsletters
  • Written by professional chiropractic writers
  • Customizable header and footer

This revolutionary interactive chiropractic tool shows the connection between the vertebrae and organs. Using an animated 3-D design, the 3D Spine Simulator explains how subluxation of the spine affects the organs and nervous system of the body.

The animated spine imitates the nervous system’s connection to every function of the body, and contains three different spinal presentations within it:

Clicking on the organ reveals a more detailed description of the organ with 3D rotation. When many organs highlight, the 3d body rotates for a better angle and view. At the bottom of the window, there are three boxes where you can see different tips for driving, sitting, sleeping, and standing. The standing will animate the 3D man and illustrate common postural problems and compare it to normal posture.

3D Spine Simulator

Exercise Prescriptions

Over 100 3D animated exercises with audio instructions are included with your website. This tool allows you to send the exact exercises you recommend to your patients including the numbers of reps, days per week and overall length of time for each exercise. They can then access the videos of their customized home care exercise and stretching plan 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

Helping to build the doctor/patient relationship and encourage follow up visits. The patient will receive an email with a link to view their virtual, easy to follow exercise videos and prescription.

If they are a new member, fill out their first name, last name, email address, and password in the form fields. Then, simply check the boxes of the exercises you want to prescribe and click “save”.