Digital Marketing

Our Digital Marketing service responds to multiple formats related to the display platforms most used by your target audience.

  • Search Advertising (PPC & Maps)
  • SEM
  • Social Ads
  • Display
  • Video
  • Inbound Marketing


Search Advertising (PPC & Maps)

We ensure your clients find you at every time, in the right place. Our specialists combine data with creative insights to maximize your ad spend across all performance channels: AdWords, Amazon, Google, and Social Media.

Our experts can help you identify niche target areas with a high rate of return, as well as define your audience to ensure that the message you want to transmit is getting to the right people.


SEM positioning is done with the payment of advertisements and keywords to appear in the first places of the search engines. Doing so when your potential customers do a keyword search, find your business at the top of their search.

Social Ads

We are responsible for selecting, after doing a preliminary study, which will be the best media where a brand can spread its campaign to achieve better results and generate a good return on investment (ROI).


With Display advertising, we will display banner ads on web pages. So, while browsing the web, your potential customers will be able to see your business advertising and with just one click they will be redirected to your website.


The addition of audiovisual material to your website and online advertising and marketing campaign can bring your brand greater visibility, better ranges of engagement and add value to your audience. Klout Pro works with professionals in video advertising and marketing to assist your corporation get more clients from the Web.

Inbound Marketing

We make creative content through the monitoring of leads, which would become forms, and thus organically achieve high traffic, since the content created will be of interest to your target audience. These Leads are also used to raise awareness about your brand and thus gain loyal customers, this can be done through mailing.

Website Services

At Klout Pro, we offer a comprehensive Web platform development and management service focused primarily on marketing and sales, the main objective of which is to achieve the brand’s conversion goals.

  • Web Design
  • WordPress Design & managment
  • Content Development
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Local SEO
  • Hosting

Web design

We design responsive, modern websites accessible across all devices and screens. Clients are increasingly becoming device agnostic and are looking for the same look and feel, no matter where they access your website from. Our specialists create websites that are not only beautiful and user-friendly, but also high converting.

CMS WordPress design & management

We offer the development and administration of web pages on open source platforms such as WordPress

Content development

We make the right content to your website so that it gains more relevance and generates much more traffic than before. If you want your services to be known, you need an easy-to-access, interesting and optimal web page with relevant content that catches the attention of your potential clients.


At Klout Pro, we offer a complete organic positioning service in search engines, social networks, video platforms, among others. This service is focused on publicizing the content of the brand, attracting users whose searches are associated with the brand, its products, and the content generated.

Local SEO

A powerful Local SEO campaign guarantees potential clients for your geographic location can target your corporation on the web. We optimize searches to position the company in a good place in search engine results, such as Google, and this is carried out organically.


Hosting is a service that we offer that allows your business to publish a portal or web page on the Internet. Hosting is the amount of space that will support the nature and dynamics of your digital business or personal online project. Servers are the computers where the sites are hosted.


According to the objectives of the brand and the target audience, the most appropriate distribution platforms are determined, as well as the formats (texts, images, videos, animations, etc.)
  • Brand Positioning
  • Visual Identity
  • Reputation Management


Brand positioning

Good brand positioning is essential for the company's brand image and to differentiate itself from the competition. Positioning consists of an association between a brand or product and a series of attributes, so for our brand to be positioned that link between that brand and its attributes must be perfectly established in the mind of the consumer.

Visual identity

One way to be visible and make your project stand out is that it is different from the rest, that it does not resemble the other businesses that surround it. We know that your visual identity must be able to distinguish it from all the existing options, express who it is and do it genuinely.

Reputation Management

Your company can benefit from having a clear idea in terms of what reputation management means, why it is crucial to the success of their business, and how Klout Pro can help your business manage negative reviews and comments. negatives on Google and social media.

Social Media & Content

At Klout Pro, we offer a comprehensive service for the management of social media, which starts from the strategic accompaniment, with the definition of the personification of the brand in the networks and the definition of objectives. Later we take care of the content generation, distribution and administration of the different networks.

  • Social Media Managment
  • Photography
  • Content Writing Services
  • Schedule Post
  • Custom Post Design

Social Media Management

Social media are a digital service that has different fronts: on the one hand, it serves as a content distribution platform, and on the other, it serves to carry out ultra-segmented advertising, specific brand activations, as well as to engage with users.


We offer photo sessions to help you to impulse your office, your services and yourself. We are committed to delivering professionalism, a high level and quality in each of these photos. We want your clients to get to know you and your services the best way possible.

Content Writing services

This product encompasses the social media personification workshop, which seeks to define how the brand will speak on social media and create a roadmap for customer-approved social media posts.

Schedule Posts

In our Social Media service, we include the scheduled service so that your company's posts leave at the indicated time and reach people the right people. Our experts know when the perfect time is to boost your brand.

Custom Post Design

Among the most common content formats we produce we have: Statics production, gif production, video, and photo production, article production, Memes production, infographic production.

Video Production

Within its digital marketing strategy, we also contemplate the production of audiovisual content, whether videos or animations, that support the brand’s communication with its stakeholders.

We have high-quality equipment for recording and editing. In addition to this, we have an expert team of talents who speak English, Spanish and Portuguese. Whatever your need, we are ready to help you.

  • Corporate Video Production
  • Video Advertising
  • Editing
  • Motion Graphics
  • Animations

Corporate video production

For an impeccable presentation, you need a corporate video that defines the image of your company. That is why our audiovisual experts can help you highlight your image with a corporate video.

Video advertising

Our creative team will do everything possible to capture the concept of your brand, your services, and your office, to give more visibility to your business on the web through video advertising.


If you have audiovisual material that you want to edit, our expert audiovisual team can help you put together that message that you want to convey in your video.

Motion Graphics

The development of animation motion graphics is a creative, interactive and different way of transmitting a message to users and capturing their attention. Animation Motion Graphics is the resource that solves the graphic and animation needs differently and attractively for the public.


We produce cutting edge Digital Animation, focusing on every detail from conceptualization to delivery of the final product for advertising your business.